This statement made by Eckhart Tolle best describes why our Extreme Transformation Adventures™ program is designed the way that it is, so that the client does not know what adventures they will be going on, where they will be traveling to, or who they will meet along the way. It’s called an ADVENTURE for a reason ;-)

Extreme Transformation Adventures is a personal transformation program dedicated to inspiring and encouraging people to unlock their greatness within and embrace the unlimited possibilities available to them. We guide people to the extreme outer limits of their minds and help them transform their lives . Mashing together international travel, adventures and highly customized experiences, our Transformation Travel Guides obliterate the boundaries of conventional personal coaching and instead we take our clients on one hell of an inner, and outer adventure, to higher levels of achievement and fulfillment in their lives.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced, Transformation Travel Guides™ are available to accompany you on your personal journey anywhere in the world. Let us create a hyper personalized travel itinerary for YOU based on the results of our comprehensive assessment process, and then guide you through your own personal transformation while on the adventure of a lifetime! We customize this unique adventure program for individuals, couples, families, and friends.

At Extreme Adventures Worldwide™ we make it our mission to ensure you have a life changing experience, by guiding you on a customized personal adventure to the outer edges of your comfort zone and the world.

This program is not for everyone and all those interested in participating, are required to complete an application process, and meet the requirements, before they are accepted into the program. To learn more, contact Ava directly by completing the contact form below or message her on What's App 1.778.677.9936. 

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Just pack and go! Let leave your travel plan to travel experts!