The main inspiration for Ava and Kevin creating Extreme Adventures Worldwide, was the powerful, life changing impact that adventurous ‘off the beaten path’ travel can have on an individual and they wanted to create a company that would be instrumental in facilitating wonderful travel experiences and adventures of all kinds which could be a catalyst for personal transformation

Ava and Kevin have travelled significantly with their children, crisscrossing Canada and the US on lots of road trips - dirt bagging it - sleeping in their vehicles, eating more peanut butter and jam sandwiches than they care to admit, and not showering for days on end - all to teach their children the joy and challenges that come from true adventures.

Having seen, first hand, the benefits to each child as they have grown from every new experience, at the end of 2012, Ava and Kevin decided to finally fulfil their family’s long held dream to be on the beach in Goa, India for Christmas. So after selling most of their personal belongings and with the rest of their lives squashed into a handful of expedition bags, Ava and Kevin took off to India with their 3 teenagers, Alex, Zac, Will, and their friend, Amanda, in tow, for a 9 month adventure of a lifetime – and so the Extreme Adventures Travel Team was born! (go to EAW TV to watch videos and read about their adventures to India and Nepal).

It was during this very pivotal experience that the Extreme Adventures Travel Team learned a very important life lesson about traveling around India and Nepal - to always ask oneself this very tough question….IS IT SAFE TO FART YET?? LOL

Each of our kids will be added to the page as members of the team, below us on the Who We are page. I will get that to you shortly.


Ava grew up in sleepy little town on the East Coast of Canada, where she spent a lot of time dreaming of all the exciting and exotic places she would like to travel to and live one day. She was fortunate enough to have a global minded mother who introduced her to international travel as an adolescent – plenty of trips to Europe and the Caribbean later, and Ava was hooked. Life taking the twists and turns that it did though, Ava had to tame her worldly aspirations for a dozen years or so, while she raised her two children and built a thriving Therapy practice, doing what she was most passionate about: helping people.

In 2006, Ava was blessed when she met her husband, Kevin on Eharmony (yes, they just clicked! :-) and lucky for her, Kevin too had dreams of traveling the world with their children. Living 3000 km apart didn’t stop these two lovebirds, and with the blessing of their children, less than 4 months later, she and Kevin were married! Two days later, Ava and her two children, Alexandria and William were moving their lives to Northwestern Ontario to join Kevin and his two boys, Zachary and Joshua. In their wedding vows, Ava & Kevin promised to give their children the world, not material things, mind you, but worldly experiences, and that is exactly what they have done!

In addition to having lived on both the East and West Coasts of Canada several times, and in Northern Ontario twice, over the past 11 years, with their children in tow, Ava and Kevin took off for 9 months of traveling - living and working in India and Nepal -back in 2012/2013. During their travels, they tested and proved the efficacy of their new concept for mashing together travel, adventures, and personal transformation, launching a whole new, exciting era in transformational travel. Since returning to Canada, Ava and Kevin have further developed their own proprietary modality of personal transformation - Healing Intentions Therapy™ - in addition to refining their signature program, Extreme Transformation Adventures™.

Ava is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy and has been an Advanced Cranio Sacral Therapist and Teaching Assistant with the prestigious Upledger Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida since 2003. With twenty five years of successful presenting under her belt and 15 years of running a thriving clinical practice, with clients from all over the world.


During their years abroad, Kevin and his brother, affectionately referred to as “Yods”, traveled the world extensively with their parents, Ray and Eleanor.

Upon his family settling back in Thunder Bay when he was 16, and subsequently spending the next 20 years there, his inner travel bug only being satisfied with short jaunts to the Caribbean and on exercise with the Military, Kevin got a renewed desire to travel abroad when he met his wife, Ava, on EHarmony in 2006, and she too had wings that were ready to fly. Kevin and Ava’s dream to travel the world with their four children AND give back in a big way, became their focus both personally and professionally, which is why they have developed a business that includes all the elements they hold in such high esteem: international travel, adventure, helping people transform their lives, and giving back, with Extreme Adventures Worldwide Ltd.

Kevin has been training people since he was a teenager, when he started his first business as a Scuba Instructor, and then went on to be an accomplished Instructor and decorated Sergeant, with the Scottish Regiment of the Army Reserves. Throughout his 28 years of teaching in the government and private sectors, Kevin has taught police officers, military personnel, business owners, and Psychologists, to name a few, on many different subjects, from Design and Leadership Training, to Mountain Operations and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Like Ava, Kevin is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, as well as a Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Kevin’s total of over 30 years of experience training people from all walks of life, while working in various teaching roles, along with his passion for travel, and years of success helping people to transform their lives from all over the world, makes him a perfect fit for his role as Lead Trainer, Curriculum Developer & Director of Logistics for their companies, Extreme Adventures Worldwide Ltd. and Schriver Dunn Group.

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